Dona Frozina

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1-bedroom • 80 m² (800 FT²) • LUSH PRIVATE GARDEN • SPACIOUS OUTSIDE PATIO AND LOUNGE WITH HAMMOCK • dine at interior bar or outdoor table • bathroom with interior garden and sculpted tub • UNIQUE DÉCOR AND FURNITURE FROM RECLAIMED FISHING BOATS • KITCHENETTE


80-year-old Dona Frozina was once asked by a Brazilian novelist if she was the oldest person in Trancoso, and famously replied "oh no, there are no old people in Trancoso. They're all dead." Whether Frozina really considered herself young or was just being playful is anyone's guess. But her little house just behind the Historic Quadrado with the smell of her spicey home-cooking in the air, forró music and constant chatter of visiting guests certainly hinted at someone living with vigor and a zest for life.


Hidden from view within a flowering, private garden sits this 'casa', a favorite of UXUA's founders. Raised to a luxury standard through a careful restoration, it features a spacious outdoor patio dining area with terracotta floor, a kitchen with bar and stools, an indoor/outdoor bathroom with sunken tub in burnt cement and surrounded by pink banana flowers, as well as antiques and inventive, one-of-a-kind furnishings by designers Wilbert Das and UXUA Artist In Casa Mauro Zolin.

“Casa Dona Frozina is a gem worth chasing”
Financial Times, USA


Thousands of small details executed with care give UXUA its identity. Furniture, decor, lighting and fixtures are one-of-a-kind, organic creations of designer Wilbert Das, handmade at the hotel by native artisans ranging from fishermen to Pataxó Indians. Antiques and art are sourced locally. International creatives living at UXUA have contributed via our Artist In Casa residency.